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Cruising Holidays


Memories of fine ships and delightful destinations



Canberra at anchor off Istanbul on a grey day in April 1976


The attractions of a cruise are manifold.   One drives to Southampton, unpacks once and then a succession of interesting places is brought to one’s door.   Between ports, one is assured of a high standard of care, good food, a comfortable bed and entertainment on board ranging from string quartets to quiz games.   If one wishes to be anti-social, one can stay in one’s cabin and read - there is always a good library on board - or relax on one’s balcony watching the sea go by.   Moreover, even if one starts with no significant interest in ships, one soon gets caught up in the fascinating routine of ship-board life, especially during arrival at, and departure from, the various ports of call.



Here is a summary of our cruises over the years:


1976:   Canberra                Vigo, Naples, Athens, Istanbul and Palma

1991:   Sea Princess           Copenhagen, Gudhjem (Bornholm), Gdansk, Leningrad, Helsinki, Stockholm, Travemunde (for Lubeck)

1993:   Black Prince           Oslo, Bergen, Olden, Molde, Copenhagen, and Hamburg

1994:   Black Prince           Oslo, Ronne (Bornholm), Tallinn, Riga, Klaipeda, Kalliningrad, Elsinore, and Lubeck

1997:   Black Watch           Lerwick, Bergen, Molde, Honningsvag (for North Cape), Tromso, Svolvaer (Lofoten Is), Geiranger

1999:   Oriana                   Lisbon, Vigo, Gijon, Brest, and St Peter Port

2005:   Aurora                   Corunna, Bilbao, La Rochelle, and St Peter Port

2006:   Artemis                 Kristiansand, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Gdynia, Warnemunde

2007:   Artemis                 Bruges, Rotterdam (for Amsterdam) and Le Havre (for Honfleur)

2007:   Queen Mary 2         Hamburg

2008:   Arcadia                  Malaga, Cephalonia, Dubrovnik, Venice, Split, Bari, and Gibraltar

2008:   Artemis                 Bergen, Eidfjord, Skjolden, and Stavanger

2009:   Artemis                 Palma, Rhodes, Kusadasi (for Ephesus), Katakolon (for Olympia), Taormina, Lisbon and Vigo

2010:   Aurora                   New York, Newport RI, Boston, Portland Maine, Bar Harbor, St John NB, Halifax, Quebec, St John’s NF

2011:   Queen Elizabeth      Amsterdam, Zeebrugge (for Brussels), Le Havre (for Rouen)

2012:   Arcadia                  Malaga, Kotor (Montenegro), Venice, Koper (Slovenia, for Ljubljana), Dubrovnik, Corfu, Gibraltar

2013:   Oriana                   Corunna, Casablanca (for Rabat), Cadiz, Malaga (for The Alhambra), Gibraltar, Lisbon

2014:   Arcadia                  Lisbon, Gibraltar, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Cadiz

2015:   Adonia                   Tangiers, Palermo (Sicily, for Cefalu), Gaeta (for Pompeii), Civitavecchia (for Rome), Livorno (for

                                                Florence), Ajaccio (Corsica), Lisbon

2016:   Oriana                   Corunna, Bilbao, La Rochelle, St Nazaire

2017:   Aurora                   Gdansk, Klaipeda, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Travemunde, Copenhagen, Oslo, Skagen

2017:  Adonia                   Killybegs, Belfast, Greenock (for Glasgow), Kirkwall, Scrabster, Portree, Liverpool,

                                                Dublin, St Peter Port

2018:   Arcadia                  Bergen, Skjolden, Alesund, Kristiansund, Trondheim, Hellesylt, Geiranger, Olden, Haugesund

2019:   Aurora                            La Coruna, Porto, Ceuta (N. Africa), Malta, Taormina, Sorrento (for Herculaneum), Rome,

                                      Ajaccio, Alicante, Lisbon.



Black Prince sailed from Tilbury, Black Watch from Dover.  All other ships sailed from (and returned to) Southampton






Aurora sails past Calshot in June 2013    probably our favourite ship




Here are brief details of each of the ships on which we have sailed:


Canberra: (P&O):                        built 1961,   44,800 tons,  818 feet long,  1641 passengers,  speed 27 knots.   Scrapped 1997

Sea Princess: (P&O):                    built 1966,   27,600 tons,  660 feet long,   714 passengers,   speed 21 knots.   Sold out of service

Black Prince: (Fred Olsen Lines)    built 1966,   11,200 tons,  470 feet long,   439 passengers,   speed 18 knots.   Sold out of service

Black Watch: (Fred Olsen Lines)    built 1972,   28,600 tons,  674 feet long,   804 passengers,   speed 20 knots

Oriana:  (P&O):                          built 1995,   69,100 tons,  853 feet long,  1828 passengers    speed 24 knots.

Aurora:  (P&O):                          built 2000,   76,100 tons,  885 feet long,  1868 passengers,   speed 24 knots.

Artemis: (P&O):                          built 1984,   44,300 tons,  754 feet long,  1200 passengers,   speed 22 knots.   Sold out of service

Arcadia: (P&O):                          built 2005,   82,505 tons,  936 feet long,  1996 passengers,   speed 24 knots.

Queen Mary 2 (Cunard Line):         built 2004, 148,500 tons, 1131 feet long,  2620 passengers,   speed 29 knots.

Queen Elizabeth (Cunard Line)      built 2010,   90,400 tons,  964 feet long,  2058 passengers,   speed 23 knots.

Adonia: (P&O):                           built 2001,   30,200 tons,  592 feet long,    710 passengers,   speed 20 knots.   Sold out of service








Here are three or four pictures from each of our cruises, giving a glimpse of the ships and of some of our favourite ports of call:



Our first cruise was on P&O’s Canberra in 1976.   Although the ship was then regarded by many as almost the last word in cruising luxury, she had been built primarily as an emigrant ship and so most cabins were very tiny and some (not ours, thank goodness!) even lacked private bathrooms.  

Our cruise took us from Southampton to Vigo (northern Spain), Naples, Athens, Istanbul and Palma.    


High spot:  wandering the streets of Istanbul where the sights and sounds of the mystic Orient mingled with more familiar western customs.



Ready to depart:  Canberra at the old Ocean terminal at Southampton in April 1976.


097xCanberra.jpg  004xCabin.jpg

Left:   Robert and fellow team members celebrate with Champagne after winning a quiz in the Meridian Room.

Right:  Barbara writes a postcard in our cabin:  note the bunks!  

The cabin was small – I was standing in out in the alleyway to take the photo.   But it was a moderately superior cabin as it had an en suite shower and toilet, unlike most cabins on board.


079cIstanbul.x.jpg 061Istanbul.x.jpg

Left:  1970s Istanbul:  note all the vehicle advertisements and the male-dominated environment

Right:  Dusk falls over Istanbul, seen from Canberra’s Promenade Deck while anchored in the Bosphorus



Traditional Istanbul:  the Galata Bridge and Tower, steam ferries to Scutari (in Asia).

The scene was something like a Lowry painting, brought to life.




Then came a fifteen year absence from cruising while our two daughters grew up





We sailed on P&O’s Sea Princess to the Baltic Capitals, including Leningrad, then in the last days of the old USSR.  

Our two daughters much enjoyed the on-board facilities for youngsters.   


High spots:  Tivoli on a magical warm summer’s night and Soviet Leningrad in the rain.

Dining.x.jpg Mary.Ann.x.jpg

Left:  Dining on board Sea Princess:  Barbara, Ann, Mary and Robert, with waiter Tony

Right:  Mary and Ann in our cabin:  Ann is wearing a scarf bought that day at the Berioska shop in Leningrad



Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, by night; 



Restoration work in hand, slowly (!), at the Church of the Spilled Blood, Leningrad






In the 1990s we enjoyed three cruises to Scandinavia with Fred Olsen’s ships.



On the Black Prince to Norway, Denmark and Germany

The ship was very small, carrying only 400 passengers, but provided a comfortable and very friendly environment


High spot:  the walk to the Briksdal glacier on a glorious summer’s day, passing spectacular waterfalls

BlackPrince.x.jpg BarbaraBlackPrince.x.jpg

Left:  On deck on the Black Prince;       Right:  Barbara relaxes in a ship’s Lounge after dinner


Briksdal.x.jpg Briksdal2x.jpg

En route to the Briksdal Glacier;                              Mary, Barbara and Ann with the vivid blue ice of the glacier beyond







On the Black Prince to the Baltic States

From some points of view, this was our most fascinating cruise of all time, visiting little-known ports still showing the evidence of years of Soviet rule and lacking any evidence of western commercialism.


High spot:  Exploring the streets of Tallinn in Estonia, admiring the picturesque buildings, most with delicate pastel shades.

BlackPrinceOslo.x.jpg  Tallinn8x.jpg

Black Prince by night at Oslo;                                            a small dwelling in Tallinn


Tallinn.x.jpg Tallinn5x.jpg

Some of the streets of old Tallinn







Our 1997 cruise was on Black Watch to the Fjords and North Cape.

A well-appointed and comfortable ship – just the right size, carrying 800 passengers


High spot:  the glories of Geiranger Fjord


Fred Olsen’s Black Watch in Geiranger Fjord, seen from the tender taking passengers ashore.

This photo was a runner-up in Fred Olsen’s photo competition and has been much used in their publicity.



In the Lofoten Islands, Robert takes a dip in an inlet from the Arctic Ocean.  

The water is fortunately warmed by the Gulf Stream – but that is snow on the hills at the left!








Back to P&O:  this time on their new Oriana, built in 1995 and the first newly-build ship intended specially for the British cruising market with a very high standard of comfort and decor.   We enjoyed a week’s cruise including calls at Lisbon, Vigo (Northern Spain) and Brest.


High spot:  climbing through the alleys and back streets of Lisbon to St George’s Castle with its views over the city and the River Tagus.

OrianaDeck.x.jpg TiffanyBar.x.jpg

On board Oriana:  Barbara and Robert on deck;  Ann in the Tiffany Lounge


Lisbon.x.jpg LisbonView.x.jpg

Lisbon:  climbing the alleys to St. George’s Castle;    at the top, Ann and Barbara enjoy the view over the River Tagus.







On Aurora to more ports in northern Spain and France

Aurora is a spacious, well-appointed and stylish ship and is still our favourite


High spot:  the coach drive through the Rioja vineyards for a tour of a Bodega culminating in a magnificent lunch.

DSC01097x.jpg  DSC01172x.jpg

Aurora’s spectacular atrium with a Lalique style waterfall.                              The cellars of a vineyard in Rioja


  DSC01181 x.jpg

Rioja country, with vineyards, a hilltop village and the mountains of northern Spain beyond; 








We sailed on Artemis to the Baltic Capitals, including St Petersburg

Artemis was somewhat smaller than other ships in the P&O fleet with a more intimate atmosphere:  she became our favourite until sold out of service in 2010.


High Spot:  The tour of Romanov Palaces in St Petersburg plus a night at the ballet

DSC01729 x.jpg DSC01873x.jpg

Artemis at Copenhagen;         St Petersburg skyline:  11 pm



Catherine Palace, St Petersburg; 








Firstly, a short cruise on RMS Queen Mary 2 to Hamburg


High Spot:  her vast size and amazing facilities ensure that the Queen Mary is herself a destination in her own right

although with the penalty that she seems rather impersonal when compared with smaller ships.

DSC02411x.jpg DSC02497x.jpg

Scenes on board R.M.S. Queen Mary 2



A glimpse of Queen Mary 2, seen at Hamburg






2007 (continued):  A short cruise with the family on Artemis to Bruges, Amsterdam and Le Havre (for Honfleur)


High Spot:  An afternoon absorbing the French atmosphere in Honfleur

DSC02702x.jpg DSC02696x.jpg

Ann, Robyn, Will and Mary on Artemis as she sails out of Le Havre;                       Robert and Barbara at Honfleur



The harbour at Honfleur











With the family on Artemis to the Fjords


High Spot:  Late evening in Sognefjord


Sailing down Sognefjord, early evening


P6020413x.jpg P6030467x.jpg

Mary, Barbara, Ann and Robyn admire the sun at 11pm;         Midnight buffet:  Barbara, Robyn, Ann, Mary and Will






2008  (continued):  on Arcadia to the Adriatic Sea with two days in Venice

Arcadia is a very comfortable and well-equipped ship, but lacks the fine style of Oriana and Aurora


High Spot:  sailing into Venice and wandering the quiet backwaters of the city

P9170744x.jpg  P9170746x.jpg

Venice seen from the deck of Arcadia as she arrives in the early morning



Barbara pauses at a quiet spot near the Arsenale







On Artemis once more, sailing to the Eastern Mediterranean, including Rhodes, Ephesus, Olympia and Sicily


High Spots:   Looking at the blue Mediterranean from Lindos and the view to Etna from Taormina


Blue sea and blue sky:  the view from the Acropolis at Lindos on Rhodes.



The fabulous panorama of Taormina and Giardini Naxos, with Mount Etna looming beyond, seen from the Greek Theatre.







Back on Aurora for our longest cruise to date (by way of celebration of Robert’s 70th birthday), to nine ports on the eastern coast of the USA and Canada.

A wonderful cruise – perhaps our finest holiday yet!


High spots:   The sheer panache of New York and the delightful views over Maine from the summit of Cadillac Mountain

(not forgetting Blueberry Pie on our return from the peak!) plus Quebec’s French style

P9062781x.jpg IMG_1159x.jpg

On board the Aurora:  our home for almost four weeks, showing our cabin and Barbara on deck with New York’s skyline beyond.



We enjoyed two days of the vibrant pizzazz of New York: 




Robert and Barbara on top of Cadillac Mountain, Maine



Quebec, showing the Chateau Frontenac and looking out to the St Lawrence River







On Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth for a short cross-channel cruise enabling us to visit Amsterdam, Brussels, Le Havre and Rouen


High spot:   The remarkably fine Baroque buildings of Brussels – such a contrast from the modern E.U. sector!


Queen Elizabeth’s spectacular atrium.


P5294020x.jpg P5294028x.jpg

One reason for Belgium’s fame:  a chocolate shop!                                       A restaurant in Grande Place



Sunday afternoon in Grande Place





On Arcadia to the Adriatic


High Spots:  The sail into Venice (with distant views of the snow-capped Dolomites), the fjord-like scenery of Kotor in Montenegro and, possibly best of all, the delightful, almost Viennese flavour of Ljubljana (Slovenia’s capital).



P5165063x.jpg  P5165076x.jpg

Montenegro:   departure from Kotor and a view from Arcadia as we pass by the village of Perast



The Mediterranean off the coast of Puglia, from our balcony on Arcadia


P5195196x.jpg  P5195240x.jpg

Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia:  Congress Square with the castle visible through the trees, and a quiet corner of the city



Sailing home:  on the deck of Arcadia in a benign Bay of Biscay





On Oriana to Spain, Morocco and Portugal


High Spots:  The tours from Casablanca to Rabat (the Royal capital of Morocco) and from Malaga to the fabulous Moorish palaces of The Alhambra in Granada.



P9066455x.jpg  P9066443x.jpg

Rabat, the Royal capital of Morocco;

left:  the Hassan Tower and remains of the great Mosque destroyed in the 1755 earthquake

right:  Islamic building in the former Roman city of Sala Colonia



Rabat:  the entrance to the Kasbah



P9086567x.jpg   P9086562x.jpg

The Alhambra, Granada

left:  the Courtyard of the Lions;  right:  Islamic plaster and tile decoration



The Patio de la Acequia in the Generalife Gardens at The Alhambra





On Arcadia to Portugal, Gibraltar and Spain


High Spots:  The historic centre of Valencia and the gardens of Cadiz



Arcadia steams steadily through the Bay of Biscay on a glorious sunny day



Valencia:  The Cathedral and Archbishop’s Palace


P9197519x.jpg P9197521x.jpg

Cadiz:  scenes in the delightful gardens





On Adonia to Tangiers, Italy and Lisbon


High spots:  Pompeii, the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Florence and a tram ride around Lisbon



The ruins of Pompeii, with Vesuvius looming in the background


P5238195x.jpg  P5258218x.jpg

Adonia, berthed at Ajaccio in Corsica                                     Ann, Robyn and Barbara relax after dinner in Adonia’s Library


P5137873x.jpg  P5198051x.jpg

Market scene in Tangiers                                                     Vatican ceiling, seen en route to the Sistine Chapel


P5218109x.jpg  P5268269x.jpg

In Florence, David manages without an umbrella, unlike his admirers     Our tram pauses at Basilica da Estrela during our tour of Lisbon






On Oriana to Northern Spain and Atlantic France


High spots:  Chateau Courbon and a Muscadet Vineyard



Chateau Courbon, visited from La Rochelle


 DSCF1685x.jpg  DSCF1677x.jpg

The Chereau Carré vineyard, Muscadet





On Aurora to the Baltic States and Russia


High spots:  Re-visiting Tallinn, Riga and St Petersburg and seeing the new Opera House in Oslo


DSCF2033x.jpg   DSCF2167x.jpg   

The Hall of Peter the Great in the Hermitage, St Petersburg.                          The Peterhof Palace, St Petersburg



Street scene in Tallinn, capital of Estonia


DSCF2303x.jpg  DSCF2326x.jpg

Scenes in Riga, capital of Latvia




On Adonia to ports including Ireland and Scotland


High spots:  Giant’s Causeway, Dunrobin Castle, Dunvegan Castle and Dublin


DSCF2919t copy.jpg  DSCF3148t copy.jpg

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland                              Dunvegan Castle Gardens, Skye


DSCF3055x.jpg DSCF3287x.jpg

Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland                                         The Oscar Wilde Memorial, Merrion Park, Dublin




On Arcadia to the Norwegian fjords including calls at Bergen, Alesund, Trondheim, Geiranger and Olden


High spots:  Alesund and the drive from Geiranger to Mount Dalsnibba


View over Alesund from Mount Aksla


On Mount Dalsnibba


View over Geiranger, with Arcadia at anchor





On Aurora to La Coruna, Porto, Ceuta (Spanish North Africa), Malta, Taormina, Sorrento for Herculaneum,

Rome, Ajaccio, Alicante, and Lisbon


High spots:  The Douro Valley visited from Porto and Herculaneum (despite torrential rain).

Low spot:  the extraordinarily high seas and strong winds which prevented us going ashore to visit Rome


Amarante visited during our tour to the Douro Valley



Herculaneum:  Elegant and cheeky Roman remains


The rough sea at Civitavecchia, the port for Rome, which prevented us going ashore.

Seen from Aurora which was safely tied up for the duration.





Our planned cruises


because of Covid-19




Homeward bound:

the end of a glorious holiday






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